What is BandZai?

Play-and-Earn card game on blockchain

Once upon a time...

The BandZai game involves small characters living in a dream world, the ZAIs.

The ZAIs live simply and are not the kind of guys who ask many questions. While some ZAIs seem to be wise old men who have mastered magic, others are more like big barbarians. But be warned, the clothes don't make the man among the ZAIs.

Since time immemorial, their main activity is to challenge each other in the BandZai arenas, a kind of shifumi mixing magic and alchemical symbols... All this amuses their gods who shower them with celestial gifts every time they participate...

Sometimes the ZAIs try their hand at alchemy, mixing potions that they ingest to give themselves a little boost...

It is difficult to know if the ZAIs have understood the hidden meaning of life or if they are simply kindda stupids... Guess the future will tell us.

General presentation of the game

The game is based on blockchain technology and is governed by several smart contracts that guarantee that the rules are respected: "code is law". The game data is not stored on central servers that periodically synchronize with the blockchain. You sign your transactions directly with the smart contracts, you work with the blockchain in real time. The only latency is that of the real network. This is the maximum guarantee to control your tokens: "your key, your token".

The game offers a native token, the BZAI which governs the economy and several NFTs for inGame use. ZAIs are the characters that allow you to play the game: fight in an arena, train, or follow an apprenticeship of witchcraft in a lab.

A few months after the launch of the game, BandZai will be given in management to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

The different NFTs present in the game:

  • ZAI card

  • Nursery

  • Training center

  • Laboratory

  • Potions

  • Eggs

  • Ticket

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